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HeartMind MentorTraining

Our training programs are created not only so that HeartMind Stress Mentors can work with clients, but also so that they can create business opportunities for themselves within the HeartMind framework.

The current "initial" heart based training consists of five two day training sessions over fourteen weeks. There will be a lot of directed self learning and reading. It is expected that applicants to the training will have experience in coaching or therapeutic techniques, however, the main criteria for acceptance is an empathetic approach to "being" with fellow humans. In this training participants will learn;

• the importance of the Heart in external and internal communication
• the psycho-physiology of stress,
• stress and the hormone system,
• stress, coherence and productivity,
• emphatic listening skills,
• the latest bio-feedback technologies available,
• latest developments in heart/brain synchronisation theory.

This course is structured to be 50-50 practical and theory, with lots of sharing and communicating with fellow participants. Most of all it is design to be great fun to do.

During the training participants will experience the HeartMind six week stress relief course, and will work with a private mentor on their own self development.

There is a strict admittance procedure for acceptance to the training; there are practical and written examinations before a license is awarded. Before completion participants are required to work with practice clients and document their experiences as part of the licensing process.

Once the initial training is completed there is an ongoing support process for HeartMind Stress Mentors. There are also many follow up courses that will enhance the participants personal and financial possibilities. These will include for example;
• Working with the power of Intuition and Intention,
• Spiritual development and Energy psychologies,
• The world of Sound and Empathetic Listening,
• coaching via the internet and associated technologies.

There are many other heart based courses available, some of them taught in association with our sister organisation the Center for Soul Psychology.

HeartMind integrates the very latest research into neuroscience, positive psychology, biofeedback, psychophysiology, heart energies, immunology and computer technology to achieve these goals of wellbeing


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