HeartMind for Students

Why is it that it is OK to sell us soap powder on the level of emotions but emotional learning is still not standard in classrooms.David Ward

Emotions play a critical role in learning and test performance. HeartMind Stress Relief systems help manage anxiety and improve academic focus. They also help memory recall.

Biofeedback systems provide students of all ages with real time feedback on their internal experience. They become an engaging and compelling way to self-regulate emotions.

Educators and parents also use this technology to help their students or children address behaviour management issues. Of course they benefit also from the exercises. We read of one six year old who said that knowing to find the "Happy place in my Heart" made everything easier.

At schools, universities, clinics, and homes, students are learning to harness the power of positive emotions, to:

• increase academic focus
• make better decisions
• manage anger
• get along better with their peers

As individuals practice the HeartMind techniques with the biofeedback systems, they are able to see and experience the changes in their heart rhythm patterns. The patterns become smoother and more wave-like as a person feels appreciation and other positive attitudes and emotions. This process reinforces an association in the brain between heart balance and positive feelings.

At HeartMind Finland we are developing a comprehensive education system that will mirror the great success achieved in the USA and other countries. HeartMind integrates the very latest research into neuroscience, positive psychology, biofeedback, psychophysiology, heart energies, immunology and computer technology to achieve these goals of wellbeing Learn more here

The Heartlmind Foundation Courses give the underlying principles of all this work. Learn more here


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