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The Quantum Heart

A Three weekend course with
Erkki Lehtiranta and David Ward

For many people the world of science is not only very confusing but sometimes absolutely scary. On this course Erkki and David bring light and understanding to what have sometimes been very difficult topics. They have formulated easy explanations that make this course not only informative but also great fun. As Albert Einstein said “Let's keep things as simple as possible but not simpler”.

Over the years Erkki and David have researched the pioneering work of many eminent scientists at the sharp end of science. They have seen how the languages of pioneering science and spirit are coming closer and closer together.

This course is their way of sharing this research and opening doors for others to explore the exciting possibilities when science and the ancient wisdoms are at last reunited. They will share their enthusiasm and optimism for a very positive future.

This course is the foundation for a much longer series of courses that David and Erkki planned some years ago; they will now be available again. So the fun will continue.

As well as the technical aspects of this course there will also be many meditations, visualisations and opportunities to share.

The only qualifications to join this course are an open mind and an open heart.

HeartMind integrates the very latest research into neuroscience, positive psychology, biofeedback, psychophysiology, heart energies, immunology and computer technology to achieve these goals of wellbeing