Soul Psychology

The Centre for Soul Psychology was founded in 1998 to bring the teachings of Roberto Assagioli and Psychosynthesis to Finland.

Because we are experiencing a unique time, when the consciousness of individuals and humanity is expanding and changing rapidly we need a new psychology based on the positive feelings of Love, Hope and Joy. We call this Positive Psychology. We are part of an international movement to promote Positive Psychology.

Roberto Assagioli established Psychosynthesis in the early 20th century. In our training we share and integrate Assagioli's work with more recent pioneers like The Institute of HeartMath, The Institute of Noetic Sciences and many others devoted to the raising of consciousness and the liberation of the individual.

Come and join us in the journey of heart, mind, body and soul.

You can learn about courses and dates at Shanti here.

David Ward
Positive Psychology Centre

HeartMind integrates the very latest research into neuroscience, positive psychology, biofeedback, psychophysiology, heart energies, immunology and computer technology to achieve these goals of wellbeing


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