HeartMind for Organisations

By reducing stress reactions, HeartMind's unique and customizable programmes for organisations, result in greater performance, better communications and a harmonious workplace.

Most of all they create great resilience to stress in these times of rapid change. The six-week programme does not take colleagues away from their work for long periods of time.

Built around the HeartMath interactive biofeedback system, very dynamic results can be achieved by each individual putting in an hours work a week for six weeks. The stress release course can be customised to the needs of any organization and has quality assessment and feedback procedures built in.

Our research shows how we, as individuals, affect each other in a group. By helping the individuals in a group or team to manage their own stress reactions, a clear change develops rapidly in the group and performance increases.

HeartMind integrates the very latest research into neuroscience, positive psychology, biofeedback, psychophysiology, heart energies, immunology and computer technology to achieve these goals of wellbeing


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