Education: Results

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Education: Results

Programs using mind have been introduced in hundreds of schools and other learning settings throughout the U.S. They are used at the preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, college and graduate levels, to help students learn and perform to their maximum ability.

A growing body of research confirms and validates the experience of countless students, parents, teachers and counselors, showing that these tools significantly improve students? emotional well-being, relationships, classroom behavior, learning and academic performance. Moreover, results show coherence training produces significant benefits in students across the full spectrum of academic levels and abilities.

It is also a particularly effective intervention for children with ADHD, learning challenges and special education needs. The results of several research studies conducted with diverse student groups are shown here.
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Because extensive research shows critical links between stress resilience, social and emotional competence, learning and academic outcomes, studies examining a range of these factors are included.

"The emWave technology gives real-time feedback on the power of the HeartMath tools while also documenting my journey to reset my emotional and physiological baseline to a more positive, healthful, and productive rhythm."
Jefferey Lagozzino, Principal, La Primaria Elementary School, El Monte, California