HeartMind in Healthcare Caring for Carers

We need to care for our carers or we will have no caring. We need to get our priorities and values rightDavid Ward

Rapid changes in the Healthcare and medical professions are producing almost constant stress. More is expected of us in ever shortening time-scales. The stress effects our professional and personal lives, it effects our decisions, our choices, our professional attitudes, our communications with colleagues and most of all our work with those that we care for.

Constant change of concepts, techniques and technology take their toll on not just medical but also administration and support staff, who all care deeply but are becoming very stressed.

In organisations this results in reduced efficiency, increased absenteeism and difficult relationships. All these create declining performance, inefficient meetings and often the fear of medical mistakes.

HeartMind systems for hospitals and all health organisations
At HeartMind Finland we have developed action plans for Stress Releaf that can be integrated into any organizational structure with the minimum of disruption. These systems can be easily customized for hospitals, clinics and any healthcare companies or organizations.

Stress reduction systems often result in:
• Increased staff retention
• Improved patient satisfaction
• Enhanced team performance at both staff and leadership levels
• Realized cost savings
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