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Learn to use the HeartMind methods for a stress free and harmonic life

Developing Dynamic Calmness®
At many times in our busy lives we need to find a way of temporarily pausing the chaos and bring ourselves to a position where we can choose how to positively respond to a situation rather than just negatively reacting to it.

We need to find a way of “shifting in neutral”, changing gear for a moment, slowing down so that we can make a more positive response.

When we feel stressed about something, it’s not the situation itself that’s bothering us or causing the stress; it’s the emotional importance we give to, or invest in, the issue. We feel stressed because of the way our mind and emotions have interpreted the facts and assigned them a personal meaning; in other words, our perception of the event.

The heart affects everything
Research at the Institute of HeartMath has shown that when people learn to consciously shift to positive feelings, heart rhythms change immediately. This has an immediate and beneficial effect on our neurological, hormonal and biochemical systems.

At HeartMind we have integrated 30 years experience of stress relief with the HeartMath technology.

The stress-reducing effects are both immediate and lasting. By practicing the HeartMind tools and techniques we can learn how to move from stress to balance and well-being. We call this Dynamic Calmness

We can quickly learn how to integrate this into our daily lives.

Working with a Licensed HeartMind Mentor and using the emWave technology helps us get relief from stress and gain greater well-being, mental clarity, enhanced career possibilities. The rewards are improved relationships, health and resilience to change.

A gift

Download this simple exercise to try.