About HeartMind Distance Mentoring

How is this possible?
Advances in communication technology have made Distance Coaching possible. Such systems as Skype and other real time internet communications enable us to talk freely, see each other (we can choose that) and share pictures, symbols, our screens and movies from our desktop.

How this works
At HeartMind Finland we are developing a combination of face to face and internet meetings to guide clients in the HeartMind Stress Release process.

Times are arranged with your HeartMind Stress Mentor and the efficiency of the communications is worked out and tested in advance.

We make sure that the technology does not get in the way of the process and all the coaches have trained in the techniques needed to ensure this. It is vital that warm human empathy is not lost in the process.

I think technology really increased human ability, but technology cannot produce compassion.Dalai Lama
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Stress monitoring devices.
There are several self monitoring devices on the market at the moment.

We use The HeartMath Inner Balance and emWave2.
because the new emWave2 device interfaces with your computer.

Your realtime Heart Rate Variability(HRV) readings can be seen by your coach remotely, by sharing screens. Your coach can then guide you in the process.

You can show previous results of your HeartMath sessions to your coach and discuss the with her or him.

Technology needs
You will need a good laptop or desktop computer and an efficient connection to the internet and an emWave device.

It does not matter whether you use a PC or a Mac computer or what your preferred internet browser is.

How we will support you with the technology
We will give all the technical support needed to ensure that the technology does not get in the way of your progress. We are even thinking of setting up basic computer user courses for those that might need them.