Creating Optimum Wellbeing, Performance, Resilience and Coherence.

Creating coherence between heart and head results in better decision making, less work related absence. This is based on science and is not just touchy feelyDavid Ward

Producing Dynamic Calm
There has been much talk about what we should do about well-being in the workplace. HeartMind provides the how.

People who Feel good do Good

The ability to be in balance or coherence creates high focus and constructive energy. When we are stressed, we loose this focus and the good qualities associated with it. Stress sabotages all our attempts to reach optimum well-being and performance.

Many people accept stress as a normal part of their lives and believe that it is essential. However, it is scientifically proven that high stress levels wear down our immune systems and increase the risk of everything from colds to cancer.

Stress also speeds up the ageing process. In addition to the physiological damage, stress also dramatically limits communication and decision-making. Stress destroys creativity and productivity.

The good news is that we can learn how to manage and reverse the damage that stress causes. We can choose to create resilience to stress. The secret is in the way our hearts regulate our bodily systems. Building calmness and relieving stress develops resilience to stress. This helps the body to release positive hormones, like DHEA, also known as the anti-aging hormone.

Most people in business recognise that a harmonious workplace is a productive workplace.
The greatest expense in absenteeism is caused by stress related illness. In total this not only effects our profitability, but is also a drain on national economies.

We cannot totally eliminate the causes of stress in our lives, but we can create a new way of well-being, based on dynamic calmness. Science has shown us that by focusing on positive emotions, we change our heart’s rhythms and create balance and harmony in our bodies and minds. People who feel good, do good.

The HeartMind system combines science, bio-feedback technology and resilience exercises in a very practical, businesslike and common-sense way. This is useful in everyday life and is also easy to learn. By learning to ride the waves of change with more poise and grace, people create all manner of better relationships.
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