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How coaching works
There are many different approaches to "coaching" and indeed the word itself is used differently in different organisations. This is very confusing and very inconsistent and not at all helpful to people seeking help, guidance or searching for a path to personal development.

At HeartMind Finland we clarify this by stating that for us "coaching is a short-term process aimed at guiding people to go beyond temporary blockages to their personal growth, fulfillment and happiness. We believe that the HeartMind system of Stress release and Resilience is one of the fastest ways to undoing any blockages and providing the tools for continued resilience for the future".

The HeartMind guide, coach, mentor or provider
At HeartMind Finland these terms are all inter-changable and refer to a person who has learnt the skills to help guide others to greater well-being. A Licenced HeartMind Stress Mentor may work as a professional in any of the caring professions but has also undergone comprehensive training in how to use the HeartMind techniques. He or she will have done this by studying the science behind HeartMath and will have used the techniques for their own personal development.

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Coaching and Therapy
Therapy is another very confusing word and has connotations of "someone who does something to one" In our view a therapist is a guide who will help someone "become their own best therapist"

Therapy tends to be a longer term process for those people who want to explore and clear very deep, underlying blockages to their happiness.

Many HeartMind Stress Mentors are very experienced therapists. Our coaches and guides take a very "holistic" approach to well-being and are all very empathetic and work with the greatest wish for the well-being of their clients. Many of our therapists take a very "spiritual" approach to their work.

You can see their profiles and find a mentor who feels right for you
here. If in doubt please contact us and we will help. info@heartmind.fi

Distance Coaching
The development of the HeartMath emWave technology and other advances in technology and communications have enabled us to develop systems for Distance Coaching. Learn more about this here.


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